Political Correctness

We need this in our society…..to an extent. Let me be more clear. If we are too focused on political correctness, then people will be scared to speak their mind. Therefore, it will be so much harder to have social change. If you have not experienced this yourself, let me give you some examples. A family friend of mine, went to a college…sorry I don’t remember which one. He ended up transfering, because he felt that if he said anything at all, people would start yelling at him or get offended. His goal was not to offend anyone….he just wanted to share his opinion, but he was too scared. Another example is a personal one. I used to have this friend who is a strong femenist, like me. But whenever I was around her, that is all we seemed to talk about. Don’t get me wrong, I love saying my opinion ;). But there came a point where she was so passionate about the subject, that it almost seemed like she was angry with me even though I was agreeing with her. So then, I kind of just stopped talking to her because I was too scared to. There, as always, can be where people ignore political correctness wayy too much. So I guess you would call it…political incorrectness? And guess what?! I have an example of that too. I had a friend over to my house yesterday and we talked for about two or three hours and it was really nice…oh yeah except for the part where he revealed that he is sick of all this (these are his words not mine): “LGBTQRGTFR kinda stuff.”


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