Since When?

Have you ever wondered if, in twenty years, it will be normal for, I don’t know, a twelve year old, to lose her virginity? If you’re a guy, you might not have thought about this. A mutual friend of mine, or more of a flirt, told me he has been with four girls. I, of course, have no way of knowing whether this is true or not. He may have just been trying to impress me. News flash: It did the opposite. I am used to guys being generally sexual. I am in high school for god’s sakes. But never had a fourteen year old guy actually told me he had lost his virginity and wanted me to lose mine. With him. A guy I have known, for, let’s say ten days to make it sound better. I have only seen him in person once….and it was for an hour. This brings me back to my original question. Since when has it become acceptable for a fourteen year old to already have lost his virginity?


2 thoughts on “Since When?

  1. imjustadreamer

    I think about this quite a lot, actually. And it gets worse with age! I’m out of high school and have started working/college, and it’s a shocker to see people doing the dirty left and right with no care in the world. And I ask myself, what about marriage? What about STDs? Kids? Respect for your body??

    That boy is absolutely rude and.. putrid? (My head is still spinning at the fact that he would literally ASK that of you. Ugh. Boys.) But it’s nice and refreshing to hear that you were totally icked by that idea. You should tell him (if you haven’t already) that he should respect himself a little more.. if in fact he has been with that many girls. Sometimes people act a certain way just to fit in. It’s nice to find out that, ho! Not everyone is sleeping around yet. Not everyone is into that kind of thing. Who knows, he might feel the same way as you. (deep, deep, deep, deep, deep down)


    • thisisjusttosay5817

      Yeah, I think it has something to do with all the media. Like some of the tv shows I watch, people in ninth grade are already having sex. And I think this guy, and a lot of others, see this on media and think that is what is expected of them. And yes, I am totally icked and I am worried that since this seems so common, I will get used to it. Yes, I was completely caught off guard when he asked me and I just laughed and played it off as a joke because I couldnt think of anything else to do at the moment. I am planning to ask him the next time to see him if he actually has slept with four girls. And then I will see what he says. But in the mean time, it does help me to connect with other people who feel the same. Thanks so much for the advice and helpful conversation!

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